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May 6, 2009

FaceFox Maybe?

by @ 12:55 pm. Filed under Technology

I never thought of this, honest. I never thought of the possibility of a web browser getting into the social networking business.
To me it was like mixing oil and water, apples and oranges, Red Sox and Yankees…you just couldn’t do it.
And I never thought of this either…I never thought, that if for some strange reason, a web browser DID get into the social networking business it WON’T be Internet Explore.
Hey, if any company was going to do it I figured it would be the big IE aka Internet Explorer.
And most of all…
Honest! I never thought for a second that my favorite web browser, Morzilla Firefox would even consider challenging Facebook…but according to the New York Times it is going to.
Woo, this should prove to be quite a battle…Firefox has an astounding 270 million users. That’s triple Facebook’s average number of daily users.
But, but, but there is more…
Someone once said “All Roads Lead to Rome”…today we might modify that old proverb to read “All Internet innovations lead to Google”.
The motivation for the battle is simple?… Firefox needs to change or die…
let me explain with this quote “in a bid to extend the reach of its new browser Chrome, we expect Google to build OpenID and its associated friend connections into the browser”, in other words make GOogle is going to make Chrome a kind of hybrid browser/social networking site.
I told you…All roads do lead to Google
With the emergence of Google’s Chrome, Morzilla needs to enhance its Firefox web browser offerings or Chrome will crush it. Google has the time, the money and the resources to empower Chrome to slowly squeeze the life out of Firefox.
This brings me back to my original point…The enhancements being explored for survival by Firefox are social networking enhancements…
But remember…by Firefox and Google/Chrome changing the dynamics of the web browser game, it puts them in direct competition with Facebook and MySpace.
That’s a story for another day.

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