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May 11, 2009

I’m Baffled

by @ 2:48 pm. Filed under Current Events

Some things baffle me…In less than an hour the Space Shuttle Atlantis will lift off on a mission intended to repair the Hubble Telescope. No, the mission doesn’t baffle me, what baffles me is the fact that on-board the Atlantis is a basketball. Not just any basketball, rather a ball belonging to the amazing clowns of basketball the Harlem Globetrotters. Come on, you’ve got to be baffled now too. I’m wondering, do you think its the basketball Meadowlark Lemon had attached to an elastic band so it would fire back to him when he shot it from the foul line? Or maybe the one that Meadowlark gives to the Washington Generals that hits the floor with a thud? Please, help me… Why would NASA send one of the Globetrotters basketballs up in space? You see, I’m right aren’t I, some things are baffling …And I’m baffled even more…Why? because NASA put a second basketball on the shuttle. This one belongs to the University of Chicago and was once “handled” by none other than the famed astronomer and namesake of the telescope Edwin Hubble himself. But…I image Hubble handled a baseball too, so why not a put a baseball on the shuttle? What then is the connection between Edwin Hubble and basketball? It seems Hubble was a star forward for the University of Chicago the year they won the National Championship in 1907-1908. Get it? Basketball, Hubble…Hubble Basketball…National Championship, Hubble…Telescope, Basketball…yes, yes it all relates, according to NASA anyway. Me? I’m still baffled.

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