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May 27, 2009

Semi-State of Confusion

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Sometimes I wonder if I live in a semi-state of confusion. This morning while imbibing my first cup of coffee I heard a news report that grab my attention…
(I paraphrase) According to 90% of the economist polled the recession will end by the end of this year.
Wow, what great news…how these economist know this is far beyond my elementary understanding of supply and demand. Needless to say, I finished my first cup of coffee with a huge smile on my face. The country is back!..But things changed rapidly during my second my second cup of coffee.
While sipping away I began reading the online version of the New York Times…
Here is the first headline I saw “U.S. Home Sales Remain Sluggish as Supply Soars”
Hold on, this can’t be the case. I just read the opposite…remember 90% of the economist think the recession will be over in six months…
And more from the article “Sales of previously owned homes picked up last month, an industry group reported on Wednesday, as buyers went looking for bargains and lower –priced houses”.
What do you mean? Bargains? Lower priced houses? What about the end of the recession? …
Again from the article “But economists and housing specialists worry that foreclosures will continue to grow, swamping the market, as unemployment rises”
these can’t be the same economist that think the recession is almost over…Or can they be?
Welcome to my semi-state of confusion.

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