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July 30, 2009

Trust Me

by @ 12:41 pm. Filed under Technology

It is all about Search
Trust me, this new partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft is all about Internet Search.
Talk about a long drawn out negotiation. This thing has been going on for a while.
Last year Microsoft made Yahoo an offer it couldn’t refuse, but it did! How about $47.5 billion to buy Yahoo. The ill-advised refusal by Yahoo cost co-founder Jerry Yang his job as Chief Executive Officer (can you image being the founder of a $47 billion company and getting booted? Sad).
Trust me… I think Yahoo is really just a pawn in this game, a $47 billion pawn, but a pawn…
Trust me, Microsoft’s battle is with Google and the only real objective is the Search market. You don’t believe me? How about this…after the deal was announced Yahoo stocks fell 12% and Microsoft’s went up. If you were a Yahoo stock holder wouldn’t this make you wonder?
Yeah, it is all about Search….
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer got exactly what he wanted from this deal with Yahoo…listen to this quote “I got an opportunity to swing for the fences in Search”.
There it is! Ballmer’s challenge…I can hear the big guy now, come on Google, are you ready to rumble?
You see, right now Microsoft is number three in the Search market and guess who is number one? You got it, Google.
So just what does Yahoo bring to Microsoft? Why Yahoo’s loyal users, of course, and they’ll all be using Microsoft Search from now on.
Up to this point Google has been quiet about the Yahoo/Microsoft merger.
But trust me… that’ll change.

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