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August 7, 2009

Fire Near Courthouse

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Yesterday around 4:00PM fire trucks came roaring up Gorham Street. Some took a quick left turn onto a narrow street named Auburn while others remained parked by the Xtra Mart Gas Station across from the Lowell Superior Courthouse. Within minutes smoke became visible bellowing from a house one street over from our location. I never do this, but yesterday I had parked my car in the lot diagonally across from the courthouse. I did this to free up the back end of the employee lot to prepare for filming of the movie “The Fighter”. Where I parked was within two hundred feet of the house engulfed in fire. As police cruisers and fire trucks kept arriving on the scene, I went out to move my vehicle back to the employee parking lot away from the congested area. The speed at which the “scene” materialized amazed me. When I arrived at the parking lot to move my car I was shocked. The smoke turned from gray to a deep black color and streamed out of the roof of the building. More and more fire trucks, ambulances and police cars sped to the scene as I returned to the courthouse. By the time the registry of deeds closed all of Elm Street was blocked to traffic. I exited the courthouse into a fog of heavy smoke. I saw one person ushered to an ambulance on a stretcher. The main exit/entrance to the employee parking lot was blocked by a huge fire truck. Fortunately, I managed to maneuver my way through a second exit around a police car and out onto Gorham Street. In all I counted six fire trucks, two ambulances and numerous police cruisers. The Lowell Sun is reporting this morning that no one was seriously injured by the fire.

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