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Middlesex North Registry of Deeds

360 Gorham Street - Lowell, Massachusetts 01852 - T.978/322-9000


Middlesex North Towns

Billerica Carlisle
Chelmsford Dracut
Dunstable Lowell
Tewksbury Tyngsborough
Westford Wilmington

All other Middlesex County towns are in Middlesex South District


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Electronic Recording in Massachusetts

Since June 2005, the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds has recorded documents electronically.  In 2015, 45% of all documents recorded at Middlesex North were electronically recorded. .  

Here is an overview of how electronic recording works:

  • Sign up with one of our authorized "intermediaries" (see list below)
  • Conduct closing at your office
  • Scan original document to create an electronic image
  • Log on to intermediary's secure website and enter data about your document
  • Upload the document image you just created
  • Press "send to the registry" button
  • At the registry, your document image and data pop up on one of our recording terminals
  • We verify the quality of the image and the accuracy of your data
  • We press "record" button and the document is on record with recording data and document image immediately available on our website
  • You immediately get an electronic receipt with all recording information along with an electronic copy of the recorded document.
  • Fees are paid by electronic funds transfer from you to the intermediary to us.


To start recording electronically or for more information: 

If you wish to begin submitting documents electronically, you must enroll with one of the following companies and submit your documents through their respective electronic recording interfaces.  Please contact the companies directly for further information about their services. 

For general inquiries about electronic recording, please contact Middlesex North Register of Deeds Richard Howe at (978) 322-9000 or at